Welcome to Guwahati Patna Roadways

Goods transport in India has become more specialized than ever before. With technology changing the way business is done, we at "Guwahati Patna Roadways” too have introduced new concepts and products for taking on the new challenges and demands, and meeting the expectations of our customers. We take complete liability of shipping, carrying, loading, unloading up of entire products or goods of clients. We accomplish and care for all the paperwork which is to be produced at the time of shipping and warehousing. We offer wide variety of cargo services, carrier services and other kinds of transportation services.

Our aim is to develop the relationship with those companies who are working with us and also to achieve our common goals with our quality services. We endeavor to attract and maintain customers by providing key solutions and fostering a profitable, safety, trust and services. Guwahati Patna Roadways is completely liable to our customers with expert leadership, honesty, responsibility and ultimately outperforming the competition.

1 Branch Office
50 Employees
5000 Delivery every year
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